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Post spinning can be difficult to specify, a lot so that even Wikipedia struggles to come up with a clear definition. However, the core idea of short article spinning can be described like this:

Post spinning is a method to create apparently initial material from old content by replacing words or phrases with synonyms.

For example, if I were to write the sentence "The feline strolled into your home" a post spinner may reinterpret that as "The feline strolled into the home" or "The kitty wandered into the shelter."

This is done through "spintax.

", which is a syntax that tells the article spinner what words to swap out. For example, in spintax the sentence above may be composed as "The cat official statement roamed into the home.".
The power of this is that, across a 500 to a 1,000 word short article, a computer can immediately develop thousands or perhaps countless permutations, each at least somewhat different from the others. While most of these permutations may not deceive human readers, they may trick computer algorithms, such as those used by online search engine or plagiarism detection services.

In other words, post spinning is normally about producing a large amount of material in a bid click now to fool other algorithms. As you may envision, this innovation did not get its start in ethical uses and, rather, it's origins are established practically exclusively in the real of spam and unethical seo techniques.

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